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There is little point in writing an extensive help for editing, so we recommend you look at Wikipedia's editing help or the Mediawiki editing help instead.

Be aware that there are style differences between Wikipedia and Stars!wiki. Read Stars!wiki:Policies if you haven't already. Below are some things that particularly apply to Stars!wiki.

Parser Functions

Parser functions are predefined templates or magic words that can be used to make pages dynamically change, or simply to reduce the numbers of edits needed to keep multiple parts of the wiki up-to-date. The following extensions that provide parser functions are installed: Parser Functions, Simple Forms, Parser Functions Helper, User Functions, Cite & IM Status.

Collapsible Tables

Collapsible tables provide a way to collapse and uncollapse a table when a show/hide button is clicked. More details on how to use them can be found here A simple example:

{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
! Header always shows
| other cells collapse



The ToolTip extension in installed and has the following syntax:

<tooltip text="body text" x=xoffset y=yoffset>tooltip text</tooltip>

where the x= and y= parameters are optional. For example:

<tooltip text="body text">tooltip text</tooltip>

produces: <tooltip text="body text">tooltip text</tooltip>

You can also transclude other pages(eg Templates) into the Tooltip eg:<tooltip text="Race Description file">Race Description file -- name.rN
This file contains a race description created and saved using the Custom Race Wizard. N can be any number (you can actually use any extension, the default is r1.) You can specify a race file for each non-computer player in the game from step 2 of the New Advanced Game dialog. Once the universe has been created the race file is no longer needed. If you open this file from File (Open), the Custom Race Wizard opens.

The extension of .r1 is the default, and is not required.</tooltip>. Note that the transcluded content must use <br> to effect new paragraphs rather than two CRLF(aka pressing enter twice). Or you can go all out and <tooltip text="really mess with things">
Multi-player games
You can challenge your opponents on a single computer or across a local area network, or by transferring turn files using ftp, modems, email, computer bulletin boards, or any other file transfer mechanism you can think of. There's room for up to 16 of you in the Stars! universe, with any mix of human and computer opponents.</tooltip>


The ImageMap extension is installed (eg). The ImageMap Editor makes it easy Icon smile.gif

Useful Templates

Remember you can use any article as a template by prefixing the title with : eg {{:Main page}}


For tagging articles

For tagging list items

{{:)}} link
Icon smile.gif

{{;)}} link

Icon wink.gif

{{:D}} link

Icon biggrin.gif

{{T^}} link

Icon thumbsup.gif

{{Tv}} link

Icon thumbdown.gif

[[Image:Icon idea.gif]] link

Icon idea.gif

{{*}} link

(For creating bulleted lists in tooltips)

{{hitcptr}} link

Hit cptr.gif
{{FAQ}} link also adds article to Category:FAQ

This is a Frequently Asked Question

{{Guts}} link adds article to Category:Guts

{{SPG}} link adds article to Category:Stars! Player's Guide

{{Old}} link More details

This article contains outdated and/or obsolete information.

{{Fixlinks}} link

This article contains links to external pages or sites(most likely Stars! FAQ)
because the appropriate Stars!wiki articles do not exist yet. You can help by creating
these articles and correcting the links below.

{{Incomplete}} link adds article to Category:Incomplete

{{Work in progress}} (or just {{WIP}} ) link also adds article to Category:Incomplete

This article is still being written. Feel free to help :)

{{Values}} link also adds article to Category:Pages that need data values

This article needs data values added to it
{{.net}} link

{{Java}} link

{{adobe reader}} link

{{SSG}} link

<tooltip text="SSG">Includes Official Stars! Strategy Guide</tooltip>

{{Last|<date>}} link

Last updated:Jul 2024


{{Race design}} link

Stars! race design concepts
PRTs HE · SS · WM · CA · IS · SD · PP · IT · AR · JOAT
LRTs IFE · TT · ARM · ISB · GR · UR · MA · NRSE · CE · OBRM · NAS · LSP · BET · RS
Other HG · HP · -f · QS · 1WW / OWW · Immunities · Habitability · Economics · Technology · Abbreviations

{{Pop Tables}} link

Population Tables: Standard - Standard with OBRM - JOAT - JOAT with OBRM

{{Utilities}} link also inserts a right-side TOC

See also Utilities | Index | Downloads | Patches and versions | Related Websites | Technical Information
Game setup | References | Calculators | In-game information processing and sharing | m and x file management | Online Utilities

{{Duelling Championship/Year}} link

Duelling Championships: 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 & 2009 | 2010 | 2011

Transcluded content

These appears on the main page.

{{Featured Article}} link
{{Welcome}} link

{{NewerSHE}} link This should appear on all older SHE articles

{{P&V}} link This should appear on all of the readme*.txt articles copied from the various Stars! patches.


Templates for ideas that never worked and/or were never finished:

{{Drop Down:LRTs}} link

{{ItemSpecs}} link

{{RaceSpecs}} link