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When managing your populations, it is, of course, important to know what the breakpoints (25%, 33%, and 50%) are for planets of various values. The tables are presented here in ASCII format to allow for trouble free printing. There is little point in balancing the pop for less valuable planets, as growth is so slow on those worlds. Just put a minimum of 50,000 colonists on each world, and up that to a minimum of 100,000 (if the planet can support them all) later on. Or find your own style! :)

  1. Standard (max. pop 1,000,000 on 100% planet)
  2. Standard with OBRM (max. Pop 1,100,000 on 100% planet)
  3. JOAT (max. pop 1,200,000 on 100% planet)
  4. JOAT with OBRM (max. pop 1,320,000 on 100% planet)

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