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Online Utilities

Alan Kolaga's Charts of habitability spread and mineral concentrations

Craebild's Stars! Overall Planet Habitability and Race Econ Calculator

Useful tool for visualising the quantity and quality of greens/yellow/reds for a given hab setting & terraforming capability. Can also calculate maximum output for a given econ/planet and resources needed to obtain tech levels.

Flash Race Wizard

  • can be found here
  • requires Adobe Flash Player.
  • author: ninja_squirrel (Andrew)

Abode Flash version of the Stars! race wizard.

M.A.Stars' Stars! Trip and Fuel Usage Calculator

M.A.Stars' Stars! Packet Travel Calculator

M.A.Stars' Stars! Tech Tree and Item Table

PaulCr's Utilities

Changes the robotoid expert AI(only) and it gives it triple immunity, 20% growth, the best economic settings possible and some positive LRTs

Simple to use utilities that grant any MT item(s) or tech level(s) to any player by directly altering a supplied HST file. Also Available: PRT & Wormhole editors, (Technical) Stars! file parsers and formats

Stars! Packet Damage Calculator

Javascript website for calculating the impact and effects of packets at different speeds and at different sizes.

Wumpus's Stars! Battlesim generator

  • can now be found here

Creates an HST file for conducting battlesim testbeds in, includes most PRT/LRT combos with all MT components. Allows user defined tech levels.

Wumpus's Stars! race file checker

  • can be found here offline

XDude's Star's Online Calculator

Two calculators, one for torpedos/computers/jamming and the other for beams/capacitors/deflectors