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  • See also Learn to play for a variety of Stars!wiki references for new/beginning players.

Details of Ship Hull Layouts

All ship hull layouts showing each slot's options and internal slot id

Battle Movement Studies

The XLS spreadsheet results of AlexTheGreat's study on which ship moves first when they are of similar weights.

"I don't know that I'd call it a study. I just determine the correct formula, determined whether the Help file (15%) or FAQ (20%) was right by running some tests & made a simple S/S.
One thing that I have been meaning to do is check whether BS has an effect. eg. Ship A has BS=2.25 & Ship B has BS=1.75. In battle round 1 Ship A is capable of moving 3 spaces but Ship B is only capable of moving 2 spaces. I suspect that it makes no difference, i.e. that Ship A always moves 2 spaces & Ship B always moves one space & only then that the odds are calculated for their final possible movement. However I have not gotten around to confirming that suspicion."

Denham's spreadsheet and graph support the results of AlexTheGreat. It includes results from 1072 battle simulation last moves with ships of two different speeds.

Pben - Stars! Population Growth Rate Study

Results from the Population growth rate study performed by Paul that resulted in the Population Growth Rate Formula calculator.

Stars! Bitmaps

The bitmap resources from the Stars! executable. (aka - all the pics from the game)

Stars! box icons

Icons (.ico) of the <tooltip text="Stars box cover" x=xoffset y=yoffset>Box stars-orig.jpg</tooltip> with white and transparent backgrounds. Stars! box covers gallery.

Stars! Help File

Stars! help file in Word 6.0 format for Stars! version 2.0b.

Officially called Stars! Player's Guide, the last produced Stars! help file was for versions 2.6/7i. It is know to contain many errors and omissions, but is still a useful resource.

Stars! Strategy Guide

The official Stars! Strategy Guide in html format. With or without frames. Only chapters 1-5, and the text of ch 6 have been translated in the Russian version.


Complete list of tech items(hulls,components & terraforming) sorted by tech field and level. Each item is listed in every tech area it requires.

from Stars! CD

Stars! Credits movie

An avi format movie of the Stars! credits from programmers to play testers.

Stars! Manual

The official Stars! game manual in pdf format.