Claim Adjuster

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Claim Adjuster
One of the primary racial traits. Claim Adjusters are exceptionally good at terraforming.
Starting Advantages
Exclusive Components
Exclusive Abilities
  • Terraforming is free (and temporary). Each year all planets owned by you are terraformed to the limit of your terraforming technology(instaforming). The planet reverts to its original condition if it is abandoned or captured by another player.

Claim Adjuster is such a strong PRT (especially when combined with the TT LRT) that it is heavily penalised or banned in most games.


Instaforming is the name given to the Claim Adjuster ability to automatically terraform any planet they inhabit. This ability is free and happens when the planet is colonised or when they gain an improvement in terraforming technology. Unlike permaforming and the terraforming performed by other races, instaforming is not permanent and the planet will revert to its previous hab conditions when the planet is vacated.


Similar to terraforming, permaforming is the name given to the effect of making permanent changes to a planets hab condition. Unlike terraforming, the effect is on the 'initial' hab values and any terraforming is measured from the new 'initial' value.

  • In addition to instaforming, CA races have a small chance of each planet being permaformed 1% in their favour.
  • PP packets have a 0.1% chance per 100kT of mineral not caught of permaforming the planet by 1% in their favour.

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