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A lesser racial trait, Total Terraforming grant access to special terraforming techniques which can ultimately add up to +/-30% in comparison to the normal +/-15%. Access of those new technology in the technology tree come solely from investing in biotechnology for all three terraforming aspects instead of the need to invest both in biotechnology and a secondary technology depending of the planetary aspect you wish to improve. In addition, any terraforming action cost 30% less resources and you start with Total Terraform +/-3 for free.

Because biotechnology is often considered as the least useful technology available for research, total terraforming is often shunned by most players because of its high cost. Furthermore, the three parent technology required for "normal" terraforming (propulsion for gravity, energy for temperature and especially weapons for radiation) are all considered as absolutely necessary to research in any "normal" game, turning the additional investment required in biotechnology into an unnecessary and pointless venture. Because of this, total terraforming is often seen as a very specialized LRT and is rarely encountered in multiplayer games.

It is important to note that what is considered as the most solid and powerful modern race include this LRT. The Claim Ajuster race can heavily benefit from the improved terraforming because of their instaforming racial ability. By investing solely in biotechnology, a CA TT race can instantly improve the habitability of any planet it colonize by the amount of their current terraforming ability and turn an habitability range as bad as 1 in 94 into a viable option. Racial points gained that way are then better invested in halved technology cost, better factories and mines or other racial improvements. Because CA also start with a biotechnology of 6, they immediately have access to Total Terraform +/-7 for their first colonized planet.

  • The base cost of Total Terraforming is 90 points.


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