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Packet Physics
One of the primary racial traits. Packet Physics (PP) races excel at building mass drivers. They are considered one of the weaker races, and are not often played in multi-player games.
Starting Advantages
  • Tech 4 in Energy
  • Two shielded scouts
  • One colony ship
  • Two starting planets in non-tiny universes
Exclusive Components
Exclusive Abilities
  • Mineral packets are smaller and cheaper to build
  • Sense all players' mineral packets in flight, regardless of location
  • Learn the exact design of any enemy starbase that uses a mass driver to receive a packet you fling
  • Planets receiving mass packets have a 50% chance of a 1% improvement (terraforming) in an environmental attribute. For every 100kT of a mineral not caught, there is also a 0.1% chance of the overall planet value improving by 1%(permaforming).

Packet Physics are the masters of mass packets. They are considered one of the weakest PRTs due to their high RW cost.


Similar to terraforming, permaforming is the name given to the effect of making permanent changes to a planets hab condition. Unlike terraforming, the effect is on the 'initial' hab values and any terraforming is measured from the new 'initial' value.

  • In addition to instaforming, CA races have a small chance of each planet being permaformed 1% in their favour.
  • PP packets have a 0.1% chance per 100kT of mineral not caught of permaforming the planet by 1% in their favour.

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