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Stars! race design concepts
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Economic PRTs

PRTs which gain economic advantages, they are the most forgiving to beginners and are the easiest races to achieve 25k by 2450 with.

Claim Adjuster (CA)

Terraforming experts, they enjoy instant, free, alteration of any planet they acquire (instaforming), as well as having the ability to affect the quality of both friends and enemies planets through the use of specialised miners and bombs. Generally accepted to be the most powerful trait economically. They are banned or severely restricted in most games.

Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

The most forgiving PRT for beginners, JOATs get built-in scanners on their Scouts, Frigates and Destroyers, as well as 20% higher maximum population per planet and start at (at least) level 3 in all tech fields.

Interstellar Traveller (IT)

Have unique advantages when it comes to building and using stargates. Stargates are cheaper and IT ships can carry cargo through them, as well as taking less damage for exceeding the gate limits. At high tech levels, gates can be built with no limits for distance or weight. Starts with a second planet in all universe sizes except tiny.

Inner Strength (IS)

Very good at defensive warfare, and has a wide variety of equipment to enhance their ships such as combined shields and armour, Tachyon Detectors (cloak disruptors) and miniature gatling lasers. They have access to the huge Super Freighter, and both standard and speed trap mines. Their colonists receive a defensive bonus, and can breed on board transport ships.

War/Toy PRTs

Except for AR, the other PRTs are variously sorted in war PRTs (which get advantages or components for warring) and toy PRTs (which get components for warring or otherwise).

Space Demolition (SD)

Masters of minefields, able to build all types of mines and use them as an early warning system. Able to plough through minefields 2 warps faster than normal and can remotely detonate its own standard minefields. Can build specialised minelaying ships which double mine production rates.

War Monger (WM)

Very good at offensive warfare, though not so good at defenses. They can build specialised offensive equipment, and are the only race to have access to Battle Cruisers and Dreadnoughts, but they can only build basic planetary defences, and have NO knowledge of mines. Also receives a bonus for invading troops.

Packet Physics (PP)

Experts at launching "mass packets" using their advanced mass driver technology which can be used for scouting, as a weapon, or even a means of terraforming]. Starts with a second planet in all universe sizes except tiny.

Super Stealth (SS)

Experts at keeping hidden, all their ships have a base 75% cloak and can carry cargo without losing cloak effectiveness, as well as being able to travel through minefields 1 warp faster than normal. Can build specialised stealth equipment (armor and shields with built-in cloaks) and scanners (which can steal minerals from other fleets and planets), and has access to the Rogue and Stealth Bomber ships. Also receives research bonuses based on the total galaxy-wide research spending in each tech area.

Hyper Expansion (HE)

One of the most feared races, and the first with which monster status was achieved. Can build totally adaptable Metamorph ships, as well as super-efficient Energy Capacitors with which to enhance their weapons. They get double the listed growth rate for their colonies, but can only support half the number of colonists on them, making (as the name suggests) expansion a must for survival. May not build stargates.

Alternate Reality (AR)

AR is a unique race, which plays quite differently to the other races. Can be vulnerable in the early stages of a game, but very powerful later on. They live in their starbases, and can eventually upgrade them to the huge Death Stars. Also has the ability to 'remote mine' its own planets for extra minerals leading to a mineral fountain.

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