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The destroyer (DD) is a versatile early fighter hull. Able to be produced very early, it outperform the smaller frigate hull in anything requiring the use of more than a single weapon type or higher hull point.

Aside from the very early fighter ship, the DD hull see continuous use down to the very late game as a beefed up scout, light interceptor and cheap mine sweeper ship able to withstand a single normal minefield hit.

The dedicated armor slot make this ship somewhat weaker to the Regenerative Shield LRT players, who in turn need to take full advantage of lower weight, higher battle speed and first strike against players who use armor on their own DD designs.



Base Fuel ― Base Armor ― Base Ini ― Base Mass ― Base Resource
  • Require Construction 3
  • JOAT PRT get a built-in scanner with a range equal to 2N / N light years, where N = 10 x Electronics Tech level

Slot layout

  • 1 Engine
  • 1x1 Mech
  • 1x1 Electrical
  • 1x2 Armor
  • 2x1 Weapons
  • 1x1 General Purpose

Slot IDs

   ___│1·1│     0   = Engine
  │5·5·1·1│     1&2 = Weapon x1
 _│5·5╞═══__    3   = General Purpose
╡0·0·4·4·3·3│   4   = Armor x2
╡0·0·4·4·3·3│   5   = Mechanical
 ¯│6·6╞═══¯¯    6   = Electrical
   ¯¯¯│2·2│     Destroyer