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The nubian is the most flexible ship hull in the game. It has 12 general purpose slots, each able to fit 3 of almost any component. It also sport 5000 hull point by default, making it a great hull to use in conjunction with regenerative shields.

The flexibility of the nubian come to a great research burden as it is available only to the very last stage of the construction tree at construction 26. Because of this, the nubian is only seen in the very late stage of the game. Players sporting the BET LRT also seldom use this hull type as there is no way to research construction 27, condemning said player to play double cost for a nubian hull forever.

If a player has enough of a research advantage over all his rivals, the nubian is also considered to be a game winner as the player in question would be able to gain enough territory unrivaled to the point of becoming unstoppable once the other players catch up.

If a perceptive player examine the nubian and dreadnought hulls closely, they will notice that the nubian is in fact a copy of the dreadnought hull which is more centered on general purpose than combat.



Base Fuel ― Base Armor ― Base Ini ― Base Mass ― Base Resource
  • Require Construction 26
  • Only ship consisting only of General Purpose slots available to all PRT.

Slot layout:

  • 3 Engines
  • 12x3 General Purposes

Slot IDs

 ___│3·3│___            0      = Engines
│1·1·3·3·7·7│___        1 to 9 = General Purpose x3
│1·1·5·5·7·7·a·a│___    a to c = General Purpose x3
 ¯¯¯│4·4│¯¯¯            Nubian

Common designs

AMP Nubian

The most powerful beam warship in Stars! is the "AMP Nubian" - a Nubian hull armed with Antimatter Pulverizers. Generally only 2 or 3 slots are used for the weapons themselves; other slots should contain shields, overthrusters, energy capacitors and beam deflectors.

DeflectorM Nubian

The most deadly missile ship available in Stars! is the DeflectorM Nubian, the missile version of a popular general design. Mounted with the most powerful missile available, most of its slots are in fact used to add beam deflectors and the most powerful jammers available. Used in great numbers, the DeflectorM can then be used as a normal attack missile boat or as a stand alone ship destroyer. When used for this latter role, the DeflectorM is usually given retreat orders to ensure that a maximum of hits would be taken in a single battle. As the hits (if any) are greatly absorbed by the beam deflectors and the jammers, in great enough numbers a DeflectorM stack is able to destroy vast amount of opposing ships in several successive battles with none or very little losses to it own side.

A high Battle speed is very important for this ship, as well as at least one slot of shields to prevent double damage from opposing enemy missile boats.

Overcloaker Nubian

The two desirable attributes in an overcloaker are

  1. maximum cloaking
  2. maximum weight

Nubians are good for overcloaking because you can get enough cloaks on them to get them 97% cloaked, and fill the rest of the slots with the heaviest available armour.