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Game Setup and Hosting Topics

We recommend that you play the tutorial before you strike out on your own.

To start a new single player game, do the following:

  1. Click on 'New Game on the opening screen or on File (New) from the Stars! main menu.
    In the New Game dialog, select the universe size, difficulty level and race to play. To learn about or modify the attributes of your race, click on Customize Race. The Custom Race wizard appears.
    Click on Advanced Game in the New Game dialog to specify the number and type of players, and the conditions for victory.
  2. When you're done selecting game settings, click OK to close the New Game dialog. You'll be prompted to enter a file name under which to save the game.
  3. Enter any name up to eight characters long (don't worry about typing an extension). Stars! creates a set of files containing data for that game and for each human and computer player in the game. You can save the game wherever you wish. By default, game files are saved in the Stars! install directory.
    The game begins, with your home world displayed on the screen and in the Command pane, Scanner pane and Selection Summary pane. For the first turn, the Messages pane contains tips that help you get started.
  4. Use this turn to investigate your home planet, start basic production and research, and send your scouts out to learn about the nearby worlds.
  5. Once you finish the turn, select the Turn (Generate) menu item or press the F9 key. Your next turn generates immediately.
  6. To quit, select File (Exit) or File (Close). If you've made changes since the start of the turn, Stars! prompts you to save. If you don't save, you'll start the same turn over the next time you open the game.
    IMPORTANT: The first time you play Stars!, exit using the File (Exit) command. This writes the stars.ini file to the Windows directory, saving game options and helping to prevent that pesky serial number dialog from appearing again.
  7. When you wish to continue the game where you left off, click on Continue Game on the opening screen. You can also click on Open Game, selecting gamename.m1 from the playing directory.

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