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Path of mass packet, arrows indicate direction and speed, one turn per arrowWormhole that you have travelled throughOpponents planet with opponents fleet(s) in orbitYour planetYour fleetYour planetUninhabited, explored planetUninhabited, explored planetOpponents fleet(s)The selected planet, with a starbase(cabable of building ships) and your fleet(s) in orbitYour planet, with a starbase(capable or building ships)Your planet, with your fleet(s) AND opponents fleet(s) in orbitYour fleet(s) AND opponents fleet(s) in close proximityOpponents fleet(s)Your planet with your fleet(s) in orbitAn unexplored planet, perhaps with enemy fleets in orbit.Opponents mass packetSelected planet's ID, X and Y coordinates and name.Distance from the selected fleet to the selected planetScanner pane.png

The Scanner pane is your window on the universe, showing what you do and don't know. All the planets in the universe are displayed, along with every other object you know about. When you start the game, all the planets except your home world are displayed as dim gray specks. Once you visit an uninhabited planet, it turns white in the scanner, indicating that you have data on it. All players see the same map, from their own perspective. Learn about the universe by selecting objects and different views. You also assign waypoints for your fleets using the scanner, and can view fleet locations: those owned by you as well as any opponent fleets that your radar can detect.

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