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Stars! allows you to save previous turns in case you need to resubmit a turn to the host or replay the current turn. You can specify saving up to 999 turns using an option in the stars.ini file. If you don't specify the number of turns to backup, Stars! backs up only the previous turn. Once you save and submit, Stars! saves the current turn as the most recent backup copy.

To start a turn using data from a previous turn (for example, the last turn played):

1. Copy all files for the current game from the backup directory into the playing directory. For example, if you originally saved the game as "nonstop", copy all files with "nonstop" as the prefix. To ensure that you are choosing the correct files, check the date/time stamp on the backup directory.

2. Choose Open Game or File (Open). Select the <tooltip text="player turn file">Turn file -- gamename.mN
These are the turn files. N is a number from 1 to 16, representing the player number. This is the individual file for each player, containing all the data about that player's race and state of the player's empire at the beginning of a turn.</tooltip> (for example, nonstop.m1), and click OK. You should be back where you started, although the universe will reflect the current positions of other players.

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