Saving Your Game: What it Means

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Game Setup and Hosting Topics

Default Save Behavior

By default, saving a game saves only the current state of the current turn. The previous turn's data is saved in a directory called Backup, under the directory in which you're saving the game. Stars! creates the Backup directory automatically. Each time you generate a turn, the old data in the Backup directory is overwritten with the previous turn's data.

Saving the Current State of Your Game

Use the File (Save) menu item to save the current state of your game. This is useful if you need to exit the game before you finish your turn. When you restart Stars! just click on the Continue Game button to resume where you left off.

If you close the game before saving you will see this alert, you'll be asked if you wish to save before exiting.

Saving More than One Previous Turn

If you'd like to save more than one previous turn for review or any other purpose, do the following:

  1. Open the stars.ini file for editing. It's a plain text file located in your Windows directory.
  2. Under the [MISC] section, set the Backups option to a number of turns, between 1 and 999. If the Backup option isn't present, go ahead and type it in; for example:

Backup directories will be named Backup1 to BackupN. Old game files will be stored in the backup directory according to the turn number. For example when Backups=4 then the first turn would be backed up to the directory backup1, the second to backup2, the third to backup3, the fourth to backup4, the fifth to backup1 and so on.

The stars.ini file is written into your Windows directory the first time you save a Stars! game. It doesn't exist before that time.

Save and Submit

Multi-player Games Only

Use the File (Save and Submit) command to save the current state of your game and submit your turn. In multi-player games, this marks your turn as finished so the host can auto-generate; Save does not. This also writes the current turn's files to the backup directory.

If you close the game before saving you'll be asked if you wish to save and submit your turn before exiting.

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