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Game Setup and Hosting Topics

Select File (Exit) or File (Close). If you've made changes since the beginning of the turn, Stars! will prompt you to save or, if you're in a multi-player game, to save and submit your turn.

Exiting Stars! the First Time

IMPORTANT: The first time you play Stars!, exit using the File (Exit) command. This writes the stars.ini file to the Windows directory, saving game options and helping to prevent that pesky serial number dialog from appearing again.

Exiting Stars! to Erase Changes

If you want to erase the changes you've made that turn, before you submit, do the following:

1. Choose File (Close), without saving.

2. Select Open Game from the opening screen, then choose your <tooltip text="player turn file">Turn file -- gamename.mN
These are the turn files. N is a number from 1 to 16, representing the player number. This is the individual file for each player, containing all the data about that player's race and state of the player's empire at the beginning of a turn.</tooltip> from the Open File dialog. You'll be back at the start of the turn you just left.

Save vs. Save and Submit

Multi-player Games Only

Use the File (Save and Submit) command to save the current state of your game and submit your turn. In multi-player games, this marks your turn as finished so the host can auto-generate; Save does not.

If you close the game before saving you'll be asked if you wish to save and submit your turn before exiting.