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The Rest of the Screen

The Selection Summary pane displays what you know about an object selected in the Scanner pane. For planets, it reports on the population size and habitability value, environment and mineral content of the planet. For enemy fleets, it displays the owner's race icon, and some information about the fleet composition. For your fleets, it displays a summary of the fleet composition and cargo.

If you select a minefield, wormhole, or mineral packet, this pane displays what you know about that object.

Read about each type of summary:

Planet Summary

Click on each item in the picture for details.

Multiple Object IndicatorHabitability ValueReport VintagePopulation StatusStarbase IndicatorEnvironment GraphMineral Content GraphPlanet Summary.png

No Planet Info.png When you select a planet you've never scanned, this symbol appears as the Selection Summary.

Fleet Summary

When you click on a fleet in the Scanner, the Summary pane displays what you know about the fleet. The picture in the tile indicates the dominant design of ship in the fleet. A small plus sign appears in the corners of the picture for each additional ship design in the fleet.

For your fleet, the number, ship count, fuel and cargo amount, fleet mass, next waypoint and waypoint task, and speed are shown.

Fleet Summary.png

For an opponent's fleet, the owner, number, ship count and mass are displayed.

If you are scanning an enemy fleet using a Robber Baron or Pick Pocket Scanner, the fuel and cargo gauges for the fleet are also displayed.

Help cursor.png
Display a fleet's composition by left-clicking on the ship picture. Right clicking on the fleet picture pops up the hull design of the first ship type in the fleet. If you have met the enemy ship of that type in battle, Stars! displays the hull type. Left-clicking on the race icon displays the race name and associated player number.
Multiple Objects Indicator.png
Multiple objects indicator
When this arrow is bright yellow, you have information about more than one of the objects at the selected location. Left-click on this arrow to display each object in turn or right-click and choose from a list of the objects here.