Step 3: Lesser Traits (Player Race)

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Custom Race wizard / View Race dialog

Specify/view the lesser traits for your race. You'll probably find several traits that won't affect your playing strategy. Each time you choose a trait that prevents you from developing something, you'll gain advantage points you'll be able to use elsewhere or, if you're in the hole, bring the balance closer to being above zero (you have to be above or at zero before you can click on Finish).

Select secondary traits that compliment the profile you chose in step 2:

When you finish, use step 4 to specify your survival conditions and growth rate.

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Note: After 4 LRTs each LRT is increasingly expensive until even negative LRTs begin costing you RW points. There is also a cost for having four or more negative LRTs without any positive LRTs, or vice versa.

Positive LRTs

Improved Fuel Efficiency (IFE)

Total Terraforming (TT)

  • Begin game able to adjust planetary hab values +/- 3%
  • Up to +/- 30% terraforming available in game (with heavy Biotechnology research)
  • Terraforming costs 30% less

Advanced Remote Mining (ARM)

  • 3 additional mining hulls, 2 additional robots available
  • Start with 2 Midget Miners

Improved Starbases (ISB)

  • 2 new designs - Space Dock, capable of building small to medium ships, and Ultra Station, a larger weapons platform
  • Starbases cloaked by 20%
  • Starbases cost 20% less

Ultimate Recycling (UR)

Not strictly additive

Mineral Alchemy (MA)

  • Mineral alchemy costs 25 resources, produced 1 kT of each mineral

Negative LRTs

Generalized Research (GR)

  • Half of total resources devoted to research applied to current field, 15% applied to each other field (totaling 125%)

No Ramscoop Engines (NRSE)

  • Engines which travel faster than Warp 4 for free unavailable
  • Interspace-10 available, earliest Warp 10-safe engine on the tech tree

Cheap Engines (CE)

  • Engines cost 50% less
  • At speeds over Warp 6, there is a 10% chance engines won't engage
  • Starting Prop tech increased by 1

Only Basic Remote Mining (OBRM)

No Advanced Scanners (NAS)

  • Penetrating scanners unavailable
  • All conventional scanners have double range

Low Starting Population (LSP)

  • Starting population is 30% lower than normal

Bleeding Edge Technology (BET)

  • New tech initially costs twice as much
  • Cost normal when all tech exceeded by 1 level
  • Miniaturization is 5% per level, up to 80% instead of 4% up to 75%

Regenerating Shields (RS)

  • All shields 40% stronger than listed
  • Shields regenerate 10% after each round of battle
  • Armor at 50% of listed strength


This is by far the most common combination as this gives access to the efficient Fuel Mizer engine while offsetting the cost of IFE.
  • ISB+RS
This combination is almost universal among races that plan to attack early; frigates and cruisers never use armour, and with rare exceptions can be built at Space Docks.

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