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A lesser racial trait, Advanced Remote Mining grant access to three additional mining hulls and two mining robots. These hulls and robots are lighter and cheaper than their normal counterparts, resulting in a great increase in remote mining efficiency.

ARM, just as remote mining in general, is often shunned by many advanced players when considered for a multiplayer game. While there is no dispute that ARM new toys are way superior to normal remote mining and that ARM is always a good option when you plan to remote mine any world in the current of a game, "modern" races concentrate their efforts on increased planetary mines number and output to greatly reduce or downright nullify the need to send miners in extended remote mining operations. -F races, in particular, would find remote mining operation quite difficult because of their reduced total resource generated by planet and unneeded because of their inherently increased growth race. Improving the total amount of mines and their output on their numerous breeder planets is easily more appealing and efficient. In addition, many players think that the increased MM of planning the remote mining operations themselves, freighter routes and defense against enemy harassment tactics is a good enough deterrent to remote mining in the first place.

The last and hardest blow against this LRT come from the fact that it is mutually exclusive with OBRM, a LRT praised for its highly sought for "negative" side effect of +10% total planetary capacity while at the same time giving back a good amount of race points in the bargain. Because of all this, a race sporting ARM is not something you will see often in multiplayer games.

It is important to note that what is considered as one of the most useful late game race include this LRT. The Alternate Reality race, having the unique ability of being able to remote mine their own worlds, heavily benefit from the advantages of ARM since they will always consider remote mining operations anyways. Furthermore, the fact that the mineral concentration of the HW of the AR race never drop below 30% lead to the creation of what is called a mineral fountain, a never ending supply of minerals. A mineral fountain in a very late game in which all or most of the planets in the universe have their mineral concentration reduced to one almost guarantee victory. The real challenge of the AR ARM is then to be able to survive before the very late game game, when this ability prove decisive. This kind of racial setup is often encountered in team games where allies take care of protecting the AR player in the early game until it is too late for the other teams to catch back to the mineral advantage of the end game.

  • Do not choose both ARM and OBRM. OBRM would overwrite the benefits of ARM while still charging you its cost.
  • The base cost of this LRT is 53 points.


  • Exclusive Hulls
    • Midget Miner
      Robo-Midget Miner.jpg
      The Midget Miner is a cheaper, lighter version of the Mini-Miner. (10i/0b/3g/20r/10kt) The same fuel capacity of 210mg, with 100 armor. No tech is required. The slot layout is:
      • 1 Engine
      • 2 Mining Robot
    • The Miner hull falls in between the mini-miner and maxi-miner in size. (32i/0b/6g/110r/110kt) Fuel capacity is 500mg with 475dp armor. Tech requirement of construction level 6. The slot layout is:
      • 2 Engine
      • 2x2 Mining Robot
      • 2x1 Mining Robot
      • 2 Armor/Scanner/Elec/Mech
    • The Ultra-Miner is an improved version of the maxi-miner. (30i/0b/6g/130r/100kt) Construction level 14 is required. Fuel capacity is 1300mg with 1500dp armor. Slot layout is:
      • 2 Engine
      • 2x4 Mining Robot
      • 2x2 Mining Robot
      • 3 Armor/Scanner/Elec/Mech
  • Exclusive Components
    • The Robo-Midget-Miner is a greatly improved version of the Robo-Mini-Miner. It costs less than half as much (14i/0b/4g/50r) and has a mining rate of 5kt/year at max concentration. (20% better) Also important: it weighs one third as much, (80kt) making it possible to gate mining ships with this robot. No tech requirement.
    • The Robo-Ultra-Miner is a greatly improved version of the Robo-Maxi-Miner. While producing slightly less (25kt/yr) it has the same base cost as the Robo-Midget-Miner. Tech requirements are Construction 15 and Electronics 8.