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A lesser racial trait, Improved Starbases give access to two new space station hulls and decrease the cost of building starbases and forts by 20%. In addition, all your starbases or forts will gain an inherent 20% cloaking bonus.

Generally considered as one of the best LRT to add to your pick, ISB (not to be mistaken for IS, which is a PRT) is often considered as a non-critical bonus which is always good to have if you can spare the points. The most useful of the two new hulls is without contest the space dock, used in the early game when resources and minerals are low. Races which rely heavily on starbases to survive, such as Interstellar Traveller, Packet Physics and especially Alternate Reality, love to use that improved version of the orbital fort for early defense and early orbital component deployment. Other races can still strongly benefit from the space dock 200kt ship building capability which is greatly appreciated when used as early game far-away refueling bases and colonization extensions, all this for a greatly reduced cost in comparison to a stock starbase.

The ultra station, available only much later, hardly ever make a real difference in the course of a normal game. While it is a greatly improved version of a normal starbase for only a very small increase in germanium, all experienced players knows how to deal with starbases by using numbers, chaff or well applied specialized tactics. Starbases, ultra station or not, are thus hardly ever a factor in the late game unless you have a decisive technology advantage on your opponents. Races which rely heavily on starbases, again such as IT and PP, still enjoy the increased defense and armor and thus the increased chance that their orbital components stays online in orbit in the event of a planetary battle.

Take note that, because of their unique racial traits, this LRT is often considered as almost absolutely mandatory when playing Alternate Reality races. Both new hulls are very usefull to fill the gap in population found in between the other three stations: a space dock population limit is 500000 and an ultra station 2000000.

A bug, which was never fixed, prevents the IT innate ability to scan worlds belonging to a race with the ISB LRT from a 150k/600ly or a infinite/800ly stargate. Note that the ISB hulls need not be used, the bug affects all gates built by a race with ISB. This bug, which could not be countered short of banning the ISB LRT itself, is considered legal and is not considered a cheat unless specialy specified by the host prior to the game.

  • The base cost of Improved Starbases is 67 points.


  • Exclusive Hulls
    • Space Dock.jpg
      Ultra Station.jpg
      The Space Dock is a cheap (20I, 5B, 25G, 100R) starbase with a 200kT Space Dock, 250 armor and 12 initiative, as well as the following slots:
      • 3x16 Weapons
      • 1x24 Shield
      • 1x24 Shield or Armor
      • 2x2 Electrical
      • 1x1 Orbital or Electrical
    • The Ultra Station is a station more powerful than the normal Space Station, but which only costs slightly more (120I, 80B, 300G, 600R). Its basic stats are 1000 armor, 16 initiative, and unlimited space dock. In addition, it has the following slots:
      • 6x16 Weapons
      • 2x20 Shield
      • 2x20 Shield or Armor
      • 4x3 Electrical
      • 2x1 Orbital or Electrical.
  • Exclusive Abilities
    • Starbases and forts cost 20% less (stackable with IT stargate discount, WM weapon discount, non-stackable with AR starbase discount)
    • All Starbases and forts are 20% cloaked.