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Alternate Reality
One of the primary racial traits. Alternate Reality races live on starbases rather than planets, and so are radically different in a number of ways to other PRTs.

Foremost among the advantages of ARs is the ability to create a mineral fountain, producing potentially unlimited minerals.

Starting Advantages


Exclusive Hulls
  • The Death Star is the largest starbase hull ever known
Exclusive Components
Exclusive Abilities
  • Lives on starbases only, not planets
  • Starbases are 20% cheaper to build (non-cumulative with Improved Starbases)
  • Population acts as natural miners and scanners
  • Remote mine own planets (since they live in orbit).
  • Maximum population is determined by the size of the starbase, not the planet
  • Planetary resources grow as Energy Tech Level increases
  • Cannot build planetary installations
  • Interstellar travel kills 3% of any colonists in the fleet per year

Due to living in Starbases and their weak intrinsic mining ability AR is considered weaker in the early-mid game until they can get remote mining going. AR benefits more than most PRTs from strong diplomacy.

Mineral Fountain

AR players can take advantage of two aspects of the Stars! game to produce an essentially unlimited amount of minerals.

First, ARs can remote mine their own planets. Unlike planetary mines, there is no limit to the number of mining ships that can mine a single planet.

Second, the homeworld of each race never drops below 30% mineral concentrations as long as it is inhabited.

Combining these two, an AR can have an enormous number of remote miners (limited only by their ability to build them) mining their homeworld, and the minerals will never run out.

Other PRTs cannot do this because either they occupy the planet, in which case they can only use planetary mines, or it is unoccupied in which case the 30% minimum concentrations don't apply.

Note that there is a limit of 1200kt of each mineral per mining fleet, beyond which additional miners don't produce any minerals. For this reason, the ships in a mineral fountain must be split into a number of fleets, each below that limit.

Exactly how many mining ships can you have in a fleet?

  • For ARM races, a typical gatable miner design is: mini-miner with two robo-ultra-miners. At 30% concentrations, 80 of these produce 1200kt of each mineral.
  • For non-ARM races the typical design is: mini-miner with one robo-super-miner. At 30% concentrations, it would take 148 to reach the 1200kt limit.

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