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Note: After 4 LRTs each LRT is increasingly expensive until even negative LRTs begin costing you RW points. There is also a cost for having four or more negative LRTs without any positive LRTs, or vice versa.

Positive LRTs

Improved Fuel Efficiency (IFE)

Total Terraforming (TT)

  • Begin game able to adjust planetary hab values +/- 3%
  • Up to +/- 30% terraforming available in game (with heavy Biotechnology research)
  • Terraforming costs 30% less

Advanced Remote Mining (ARM)

  • 3 additional mining hulls, 2 additional robots available
  • Start with 2 Midget Miners

Improved Starbases (ISB)

  • 2 new designs - Space Dock, capable of building small to medium ships, and Ultra Station, a larger weapons platform
  • Starbases cloaked by 20%
  • Starbases cost 20% less

Ultimate Recycling (UR)

Not strictly additive

Mineral Alchemy (MA)

  • Mineral alchemy costs 25 resources, produced 1 kT of each mineral

Negative LRTs

Generalized Research (GR)

  • Half of total resources devoted to research applied to current field, 15% applied to each other field (totaling 125%)

No Ramscoop Engines (NRSE)

  • Engines which travel faster than Warp 4 for free unavailable
  • Interspace-10 available, earliest Warp 10-safe engine on the tech tree

Cheap Engines (CE)

  • Engines cost 50% less
  • At speeds over Warp 6, there is a 10% chance engines won't engage
  • Starting Prop tech increased by 1

Only Basic Remote Mining (OBRM)

No Advanced Scanners (NAS)

  • Penetrating scanners unavailable
  • All conventional scanners have double range

Low Starting Population (LSP)

  • Starting population is 30% lower than normal

Bleeding Edge Technology (BET)

  • New tech initially costs twice as much
  • Cost normal when all tech exceeded by 1 level
  • Miniaturization is 5% per level, up to 80% instead of 4% up to 75%

Regenerating Shields (RS)

  • All shields 40% stronger than listed
  • Shields regenerate 10% after each round of battle
  • Armor at 50% of listed strength


This is by far the most common combination as this gives access to the efficient Fuel Mizer engine while offsetting the cost of IFE.
  • ISB+RS
This combination is almost universal among races that plan to attack early; frigates and cruisers never use armour, and with rare exceptions can be built at Space Docks.

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