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So you want to learn how to play Stars!...

First, play the Stars! Tutorial. It is the best way to learn the Stars! interface and the mechanics of playing Stars!.

Stand on the shoulders of giants...

Stars! Strategy Guide

Nonofficial Strategy Guide.jpg
The wikified Stars! Strategy Guide is a work in progress that aims to update and expand the Official Stars! Strategy Guide released in 1999.

Approved for accuracy by the authors of Stars!, the original was authored by members of the Stars! players community, specifically, long time players who'd published and advised prolifically over the years and wanted to share their experiences and strategies with other players.

Article Library

Article Library.jpg
The Article Library contains hundreds of articles collected from newsgroups, forums, emails and websites around the internet. See also:

If you are confused by cryptic abbreviations, you can find definitions for them at the abbreviations page. Other cryptic terms are explained in the glossary.

A couple of other important information pages, especially when starting out, are Order of Events and Known BugsHit cptr.gif.

Other stuff...
Race Design Bullet.png Ship Design Bullet.png Micro-management Bullet.png Testbedding

Still have questions?

Stars! Player's Guide

PG Contents.png
The Stars! Player's Guide is a wikified, updated and corrected version of the help file (also a work in progress) including:

Stars! FAQ

Stars FAQ.png
Stars! FAQ is the updated and expanded legacy of the Stars! FAQ website - a single web resource that contained and collated all the known technical information about Stars!.

Intended as a supplement to the guides it addresses questions that a person who is familiar with the basics of the game might find themselves asking. Presented in FAQ style, it is still exactly that - an FAQ for Stars!.


Search for answers...
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Playing with others

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Finding other players
Mixing it up

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