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Powered by FUDForum, Home World Forum(HWF) is the discussion forum of SAH for Stars! players to meet and talk. Each moderated by a variety of players, HWF provides many sub-forums including:
  • The usual general discussion and Stars! AutoHost related forums.
  • A new game forum for announcing new games and finding players.
  • The Academy: a forum for strategy discussion. Here you will find many tips and tricks to help you along.
  • The Bar: for general Stars! discussion. Also for finding replacement players and discussing possible game concepts/themes(as opposed to actual game adverts)
  • Specific forums for each PRT, FreeStars (Clones), Hosting, the Duelling Club, Ranking and the VML Lounge for games created using StarEd

On request, Ron will also provide private forums for individual games, moderated by the game's host.