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Currently (temporarily) administered by ccmaster since July 2008, the Duelling Club was started in December 2002 by EDog at HWF, resulting in a significant rise in popularity of duelling for well over a year. The Duelling Club provides a ranking system for players showing the number of duels fought, duels won, the percentage of duels won, and timezone where provided.

  • The most frequent dueller is Chagarra with nearly twice as many duels as the next dueller.(as at 7 Feb 2008)

Duelling Championship

Since 2004, a Duelling Club Championship has been held, with the prize of a HWF trophy avatar created specially each year by Ron.

Year Winner
2004 Micha
2005 Micha
2006 BackBlast
2007 Bystander
2008 & 2009 Perrindom
2010 (Abandoned)
2011 ManicLurch

Duelling Club Rules

  • Last updated on: Sat, 20 March 2004 by EDog [1]
  1. This club is for fun. That does not mean you cannot disagree with anyone (including me), but let's try and all act like gentlemen, shall we?
  2. All members shall adhere to the rules of use of this Forum as set forth by Ron (everybody say "thanks Ron!").
  3. I am the moderator/administrator of this club. I may at some point bring others into the administration when it becomes too large and unwieldy for one person (I hope to have that problem!). Please do not email me directly with questions or comments concerning the club. I will check Private Messages as frequently as I am able. Only Ron or the Club Administration may change any Club Rules, although we will accept input as to proposed changes. Club Rules may change at any time, without notice if necessary.
  4. To join this Club, you must enter a duel with another player. The player may be an existing member of the Club or a non-member. Membership is not required to participate in a duel, but it's fast, free, and easy, so ya might as well join, ya mook! Just inform me that you have entered a duel (with your name and your opponent's name) so I know who to track. A password is no longer required to post on the Club Forum.
    4A. All duelists are requested to update to the JRC4 patch, as duels occur outside of the Autohost jurisdiction. The JRC4 is a "hosting" patch that fixes certain bugs in the JRC3 patch.
  5. A duel is a straightforward game set up between two players. The game must have a defined victory parameter at the time of creation that is measurable by the algorithms (ie: first player to 100,000 resources, possess 75% of planets, etc.). Duels must be handled outside of the Autohost system, such as a hot seat game or a direct email game.
    5A. Duels may be fought between teams, but there will be special ranking rules for team duels, discussed later.
  6. There is NOOOOOOOOO....rule 6.
  7. To be ranked in the Duelling Club, I must be notified of a victory. To notify me, take a screen snapshot (using your "Print Screen" key or similar method), save it as a small-size file (like a .jpg), and attach it to a Private Message. This function is currently disabled on the Forum. For the time being, send me a Private Message and I will give you an email address to send your files to. The screen snapshot must clearly show the name of the game, the score popup, and the text box reading that "The (your race) have been declared the winner." To be properly credited with a duel (even a loss) on the Rankings, the loser should send the same snapshot showing the same message (or the DECEASED message, if applicable).
    7A. An alternate method of declaring may be used if one player wishes to surrender to another prior to an in-game victory declaration. The surrendering player must send an in-game message to the victor, stating "I surrender this duel on (the current date)." The winner may then send a screenshot of this instead of the requirements listed in Rule 7.
  8. Ranking in the Duelling Club will be handled as follows: (player's handle) - (duels fought) - (duels won) - (winning percentage, because I'm going to be hard-nosed about it). Players will not be Ranked for duels-in-progress, only for completed duels with the supporting documentation as outlined in Rule 7.
    8A. For team victories, players will receive partial points equal to:
(total number of players)-1
(total number of players)
This makes it possible to have a decimal-point value attached to number of wins.
  1. The Duelling Forum may be used to discuss Duelling-related questions, strategies, general bragging, and issuing public challenges. Stars-related questions should still be handled through the main Autohost Forum threads.
  2. Any questions, comments, or ranking appeals should be directed to me via Private Message. I will try to respond to every message (unless I am deluged by a volume of mail). Appeals will not be summarily rejected, but I'm not likely to change your rank just because you tell me you SHOULD have won. Any complaints about the quality of the Duelling Forum should be directed to: British Airways.


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