Jack of All Trades

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Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades is the default race.
Starting Advantages
Exclusive Components


Exclusive Abilities
  • Scout, Frigate and Destroyer hulls get a built-in scanner with a range equal to 2N / N light years, where N = 10 x Electronics Tech level
  • Improves all Costs 75% Extra fields to tech level 4 if the box in step 6 is checked
  • Planets can support 20% more population for a potential 1.2M pop. This is cumulative with OBRM giving a potential 1.32M pop.

One of the primary racial traits. Jack of all trade races are well-rounded races with starting tech and ship bonuses, 20% larger planet capacity and their scouts and light warships have free pen-scanning. Their intrinsic scanning and increased population capacity gives them a growth and economic advantage that make them one of the strongest races.

The Humanoids pre-defined race is JOAT.

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