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A lesser racial trait, Ultimate Recycling grant improved recycling techniques to your race, amounting to 90% minerals and 70% of the resources if scrapped at a starbase or 45% minerals and 35% of the ressources if scrapped at a planet without a starbase. While minerals are directly proportional, the recycled ressources are not strictly additive and follow this formula:

(Current planet production * Extra resources) / (Current planet production + Extra Resources).

This LRT is generally considered as one to be avoided for multiplayer games. While against an AI it is usually easy to keep obsolete models alive, in multiplayer games old obsolete models are usually throw around as chaff or crash demining. Thus, most of your old models will hardly ever be left at your planets for scrapping but destroyed in space where this LRT is then useless anyways. Worse, the formula calculating the amount of resources received at a planet is directly proportional to the current resource output of said planet, completely nullifying any real advantage of this LRT if used at a lowly developed planet and thus also useless to quickstart newly colonized planets.

A known bug (and a cheat), starting from version G and partially solved in version J, consist in the CE UR combo. Usually used in team games, two allied players pick one of the two LRT. The CE players, using his 50% cheaper engines advantage, build cheap ships consisting only of an engine and a cheap hull (like a scout sporting only an engine) and then transfer the ship(s) to the UR player for scrapping. Since transfered ships does not retain the special advantage(s) or disadvantage(s) of a given player, the transfered ship(s) act like normal ships that the UR player then scraps for more resources than what was used to build the ship in the first place. Since version J, transfered ships (including Mystery Trader ships) are now considered as 30% cheaper when scrapped, ultimate recycling or not. To be able to use this bug, one would need to have both the CE and UR LRTs... Which would be possible but quite useless in the course of a whole game considering the high cost of UR versus the gains and the headache that is playing with CE.

  • Base cost of Ultimate Recycling is 80 points.
  • Base cost of Ultimate Recyling and Cheap Engines combo is 0 points.


  • Increase base scrapping efficiency
    • 90% minerals and 70% resources when scrapped at a planet with a starbase (instead of 80% minerals, no resources)
    • 45% minerals and 35% resources when scrapped at a planet without a starbase (instead of 33% minerals, no resources)
      • Formula for calculating resources: (Current planet production * Extra resources)/(Current planet production + Extra Resources)