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This is a work page for Stars! Player's Guide

  • the reference help file - converted to html to enable copying text. Images of contained screenshots are recreated from the actual helpfile because the conversion has poor-quality jpgs(wtf?).
  • Stars! Player's Guide Errata Please make note of any corrections you make.

The plan

Blend the Player's Guide into the wiki, keeping the front page essentially the same (done) and copy in the rest of the pages mostly as is. Update pages as needed. Blend as needed where pages already exist. Where SPG collides with other main sections (SSG/Library/FAQ), preserve/create page sections as neccessary or use a different page name. Where page names are very close to existing pages with "spiritually" the same content, reuse the existing page and change link titles as needed.

For pages that have a pop-up navigation, make the popup into a collapsible? navigation panel. eg Template:Dialogs otherwise use <tooltip> as needed.

The lists below need to be maintained.

SPG pages with links to unwritten SPG pages
List of SPG pages with links to unrelated unwritten SPG pages
In theory all contained red links should be linked from one of the above pages or from a page that they will eventually link to.