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Eagle of Fire: "le protecteur de l'univers connu".

Membre du site, Eagle est un véritable gamer qui a tout essayé. Il favorise fortement les jeux de stratégie et déteste les jeux d'aventure. Il est un ardent défenseur des vieux jeux oubliés, qu'il pense largement supérieur a n'importequel jeu récent produit dans les dix dernières années. De meilleur graphiques /= un meilleur gameplay, ou plus de fun.

Après avoir joué et testé le jeu extensivement, il a complété un long review qui peut être consulté avec ce lien. Même s'il est parfaitement conscient qu'il est encore très loin d'avoir maitrisé le jeu complètement, il espère avoir ammassé assé d'expérience pour pouvoir écrire un review de qualité. Avec un score de 5 pour l'éditeur et de 4.7 (!) pour les utilisateurs, il aime à penser qu'il a réussis.

Eagle of Fire est le fondateur et premier traducteur du STARS! Wiki Français.

Eagle of Fire: "the protector of the known universe".

Member of, hardcore gamer who played it all. Lend very strongly on strategy games and dislike adventure games. Ardent defender of the old forgotten gems of the past, which he thinks are vastly superior to any modern games thrown at him in the past decade. Better graphics /= better gameplay, or more fun.

He has completed a review, hosted at this link, after playing and testing the game extensively. While he certainly don't think he have come even close to master the game yet, he hopes to have played it enough to be able to make a quality review of the game. With the editor rating of 5 and user rating of 4.7 (!), he likes to think he succeeded.

Please note that Eagle of Fire first language is French. This means that English is only his secondary language. He is thus bound to make a lot of syntax or grammatical mistakes. Corrections on his work are always welcome.

About the French version of this Wiki

I started translating this site to French a while ago, thinking it would be great to have it in several different languages for the benefit of our visitors. Since English is only my secondary language, I volunteered to do the French version.

Translating the site was a very slow and way more arduous task than I originally anticipated. After a while my free time available for this project almost vanished and it slowed to a crawl... And then I realized that much of what I consider this Wiki critical content wasn't even done in English yet. After this realization I decided to focus the little available time I could use for this Wiki to complete the English version before bothering translating a still incomplete version, which mean that French users unfortunately need not hold their breath for the next French update because it might not happen in a long time.

Currently working on:

  • Completing red links of Lesser racial traits. **DONE!***
  • Polishing the other articles of Lesser racial traits.
    • NRSE need to be completely redone.
    • CE need to be polished/reworded.
    • OBRM need to be completely redone.
    • NAS need to be reworked.
    • LSP need to be filled in.
    • BET need to be polished/completed.
    • RS need to be redone. There is so many spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes that it would be best to rewrite it too.
  • Check Interspace-10, Fuel Mizer and Galaxy Scoop images to comply with the Tech 0 standard.
  • Starting up all red links in the hulls template and do the images with all icons and initiative for each.
Hull types in Stars!
Colonizer Mini-Colony Ship · Colony Ship
Bomber Mini Bomber · B-17 Bomber · Stealth Bomber · B-52 Bomber
Scout Scout · Frigate · Destroyer
Warship Cruiser · Battle Cruiser · Battleship · Dreadnought · Nubian
Freighter Small Freighter · Medium Freighter · Large Freighter · Super Freighter
Armed Freighter Privateer · Rogue · Galleon · Meta Morph
Mine Layer Mini Mine Layer · Super Mine Layer
Fuel Tanker Fuel Transport · Super-Fuel Xport
Remote Miner Midget Miner · Mini Miner · Miner · Maxi Miner · Ultra Miner
Starbase Orbital fort · Space Dock · Space Station · Ultra Station · Death Star

Things to know for edition and personal notes

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positioning tags

BR can to be used for a carriage return, and br clear=all to replace a string of several carriage return. It stands for break and can also add clear=left or clear=right to make it mean break until clear on left/right/all side(s)

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