Mineral Alchemy

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A lesser racial trait, Mineral Alchemy make alchemy 4 times as efficient by reducing from 100 to 25 the resources needed to produce 1kt of each minerals. MA is usually considered as the worst LRT available due to the fact that alchemy is only ever useful in the extreme endgame when you do not need to invest heavily in research and you have countless planets doing nothing. Even though MA does reduce the required amount of resources by a factor of 4, the resources used by transmuting the required minerals in the early game could never possibly be more efficient than good planning of transport of the required minerals to the right planets.

The racial points required for MA are generally better spent on things that have a higher chance of being useful during the course of the game and it is globally accepted that it is always better to plan or try to win earlier than later due to several factors. Boredom standing proudly on top of the list.

  • The base cost of Mineral Alchemy is 51 points.


  • The amount of resources needed to transmute 1kt of mineral is lowered to 25 (instead of 100)