Hyper Expansion

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Hyper Expansion
Hyper Expansion excels at growth and colonising, but lacks the size and gates.
Starting Advantages
  • One scout
  • Three mini-colony ships
Exclusive Hulls
Exclusive Components
  • Settler's Delight engine--Warp 6 for free, but only for Mini-Colonizer hull
  • Flux Capacitor increases the damage done by all beam weapons on Hyper-Expansion ships by 20%
Exclusive Abilities
  • Cannot build stargates
  • Maximum population limitation is ½ what the planet would normally support for a race with your environment requirements

One of the primary racial traits. Hyper Expansion races spread very rapidly, but their planets do not have the same capacity as other races'.

The most well known HE design is the tri-immune HE.

Also very strong and agressive - and banned from recent Duelling Championships - is ccmaster's bi-immune -f design.

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