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A lesser racial trait, Generalized Research turn your scientists from specialized researchers to jack of all trades researchers. Only half your current research budget will be applied to the field of your choice, but 15% of your current research resources will be applied to each the five other research fields. Anybody knowing their math will immediately realize that the total amount of research then amount to 125%.

While very appealing at the first glance and often used in single player against the AI, this LRT is very rarely seen in multiplayer games for the sole reason that the vast majority of players prefer to be able to do "technology jumps" by spending the full amount of their research in the desired field until they reach the desired amount. Not many players like to "waste" a lifesaver research opportunity for a counter design simply to have a slightly improved research efficiency in a losing game. Because of this, and because the points gained for such a "negative" LRT is so low, generalized research is generally considered as the second most worthless LRT available, right after mineral alchemy.

Unlike mineral alchemy, generalized research can still be very useful in very specialized occasions. Such occasion include a game in which the first hundred years are generated before the game start. The general consensus for research on such case would be to either gamble to research only in a single field and risk losing a steep edge in technology for all other fields or then select the "next field to research: <lowest field>" and end up with an even, unspecialized total tech. Selecting generalized research in such a case allows a player to choose to concentrate their pre-game efforts in a single technology while at the same time expecting a steady increase in all their other fields, totalizing a higher total research amount than players who choose the normal lower field option.

  • The base cost of Generalized Research is -13.


  • Only half your research budget is actually spent in the selected field while 15% of your research budget is sent to every other 5 fields.
    • 50% + (5*15%) = 125% total