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Categories you can use to categorise your articles. See individual category descriptions if you are unsure what belongs where.

  • To put an article in a category simply put (eg) [[category:HE]] somewhere in the article.(customarily at the bottom)
  • To link to a category article/list (eg category:FAQ) put a colon at the front eg [[:category:FAQ]]
    - to remove the category: from the front put a |(pipe) at the end eg [[:category:FAQ|]] (works for all namespaces)

For articles about...
PRTs - Use the appropriate prt categories
eg "HE vs. JOAT" by Scott Phelps 1996 v2.6b is in the HE and JOAT categories
LRTs - Use the appropriate lrt categories
eg Cheap Engines PITA Analysis by Mark Norton - 5th April 2001 is in the CE category
Individual people
Other categories

There are also templates for adding articles to common or long categories:

adds to Guts
adds to Incomplete pages
adds to Pages that need data values
and displays:

This article needs data values added to it

adds to FAQ
and displays:

This is a Frequently Asked Question

(not really - it just has the templates transcluded)