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The AI opponents in stars are excellent for their time, but are universally considered to be inferior to a decent human opponent. They are distinctive from the AI's of many other games by the fact that during the game, they do not cheat. They do gain advantages:

  • AI race designs have large negative RW point totals depending on the level of AI chosen.
  • The automatically gain the parts/specs carried by any MT that occurs and do not have to rendezvous with it.[1]

The password to view AI turn files is "viewai".

The computer players (also called AI's, for Artificial Intellegences) have the following PRT's (Primary Racial Traits):

Macinti: AR

Third strongest AI, the Macinti colonize everything, although not 3-immune. They are normally the only AIs present at 'expert' difficulty level(solo game).

Turindrone: SS

Robotoid: HE

The strongest AI, Robotoids are a 3 immune HE so they colonize everything and attack every colony and ship, that are close to their territory.

Cybertron: PP

Second strongest AI, the Cybertrons throw around lots of packets for scouting. They do not colonize everything and send less attack ships, but later in game will throw lots of 500kt+ packets - even if they're not effective(effectively gifts)

Rototill: CA

Automitrons: IS

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