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The frigate (FF) is a small and cheap multi-purpose hull very similar in design to the scout hull. Able to pose a sizable military threat early on because of shield stacking, it is also commonly used for a myriad of other applications.

It is not uncommon to see frigates as a more beefed up chaff as well as a scout ship using maneuvering jets or overthrusters to full potential to reach a maximum battle speed so they can escape from battle without being destroyed. It is also the mine layer hull of choice of most players.



Base Fuel ― Base Armor ― Base Ini ― Base Mass ― Base Resource
  • Require Construction 6
  • JOAT PRT get a built-in scanner with a range equal to 2N / N light years, where N = 10 x Electronics Tech level

Slot layout

  • 1 Engine
  • 1x2 Shield or Armor
  • 1x3 General Purpose
  • 1x2 Scanner

Slot IDs

                     0 = Engine
 ________________    1 = Scanner x2
╡·0·0·3·3·2·2·1·1│   2 = General Purpose x3
╡·0·0·3·3·2·2·1·1│   3 = Shield or Armor x2