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Heavier version of the cruiser, exclusive to the War Monger PRT.

As WM exclusive hulls, the battle cruiser (BC) and the dreadnought, are one of the main reasons why the WMs are so feared in prolonged wars from mid to late era. Assuming the WM player can produce roughly the same amount of BC than an opponent CC in the cruiser age and assuming similar tech, the WM will most likely always win due to the increased space in each slots (except for the engines).

The BC hull is a huge improvement over a normal CC hull, at roughly 30% higher (base) cost.



Base Fuel ― Base Armor ― Base Ini ― Base Mass ― Base Resource

Slot layout

  • 2 Engines
  • 2x2 Shield/Elec/Mech
  • 2x3 Weapons
  • 1x4 Shield or Armor
  • 1x3 General Purpose

Slot IDs

         ___        0   = Engines
     ___│3·3│       1&2 = Shield/Electrical/Mechanical x2
 ___│1·1·3·3│___    3&4 = Weapon x3
╡0·0·1·1·6·6·5·5│   5   = General Purpose x3
╡0·0·2·2·6·6·5·5│   6   = Shield or Armor x4
     ¯¯¯│4·4│       Battle Cruiser