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Battlesim Testbed

Set of game files for conducting battlesim testbeds in, allows for most PRT/LRT combos and all races are at max tech with all MT components. Unzip into a new directory and edit the links to suit your own directory structure.

Blue's Scout Report

Report for 19kt Scout

A little program to show possible early scout configurations and their tech requirements based on ship mass.

Chaff Sweeping Calculator

A program that estimates the number of chaff needed to "chaff sweep" a minefield.

Dogthinker's HabCalc

Similar to Craebild's Stars! Overall Planet Habitability and Race Econ Calculator, you plug in the hab values of your race, and it tells you what the planets you would get would look like... If you went into a universe with a universe where each possible star appeared it's statistical average number of timesonly a a whole lots less pretty and a more accurate. Unlike Craebild HabCalc, this calculates based on the complete set of possible planet values rather than a random sample or a theoretical distribution. To use: edit input.txt, run habcalc and the results will be stored in output.txt.

ForceUser's ISAR Calculator

"Inner Strength and AR Population calculator. (It's a dos program but should work fine in Windows) I wrote it using Turbo Pascal in Grd 11. It's a simple math equation that you could easily reproduce in Excel or similar spreadsheet. I like it coz it's simple. Asks the right questions and is a small background program."

Opt Move

  • author: LEit

Utility that allows you to enter max warp and distance and it punches back the optimal warp settings and distance for travelling that distance. Very useful for ship movements that are fuel-limited or time constrained like shifting population or orbital adjustors.

Packet Damage Calculator

Program for calculating the impact and effects of packets at different speeds and at different sizes

Packet Flinger Calculator

A program for calculating optimal packet size & speeds. "Mass Destruction Made Easy"

Packet Location Calculator

Program for predicting the future location of mass packets and fleets. Accurate over multiple years.

Released under GNU Public Licence, source code included in zip file and now hosted on github


Graphically displays resource,population,mines & factory growths.

Stars! Calculator

The single most useful calculator for Stars! around.

Stars! Xpert

The Xpert is a calculator for cloaking, bombing, packet damage, weapons damage (with respect to capacitors, deflectors, computers and jammers), fuel consumption, and planetary resources.


These all require Microsoft Excel of varying versions. A viewer is available from Microsoft downloads

Attractivness Calculator Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for calculating the relative attractivness (for targeting order during battle) of ship designs

Bombardment Spreadsheet

Russian excel file for calculating packet damage(I think)

description at Olden Stars Host: Рассчёт бомбардировок в Exel

Bombing Spreadsheet

Excel file for calculating population & installation kills from mixed bombing fleets.

Dog's Multiple-Packet Calculator

For calculating the damage done by multiple packets and bombs.

Inner Strength ORGY Calculator

It tells you how much pop you need to hold at 300% with your orgy, as well as telling you how many resorces you will produce. It also has a ground combat calculator to tell you how many babies you need to drop out of your freighters to destroy your enemies HW. Includes calculation for population required on Red planets, as well as planets below 5% that have the capacity of 5% worlds. [1]

Per's Terra-Hab-Tool

Click a button and automatically your and your allies p-files get loaded, sorted and a hab-value-comparison of the planets will be calculated for you and/or your allies (extremely helpful in alliances and much easier to use than the other tools I know). Additionally see how much improvement 1-10 units of terraforming gives you and several other features.

Population Growth Rate Formula

Excel spreadsheet for determining the effectiveness(vis a vis population growth) of exporting population between two planets. Includes an explanatory html file on how growth works.

Race Information

Feed it race screen info and get max factories/mines/resources/hab clicks/starting tech levels

S.B.Posey's Spreadsheet

Possible correction pertaining to ship/starbase cost might be required in this version. [3]

Expansive spreadsheet for calculating most of the guts within stars, including jamming, movement, cloaking, colony projection, planet habitability, tech trade probabilities, research timescales, minefields and more.

Terraforming Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for calculating the most optimal order for terraforming planets in an alliance.


  • author: overworked(OWK)

This is the second generation of the Ugly_TT spreadsheet for calculating terraforming values and "best race" to colonize a given planet.