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Because the best old Stars! websites keep quietly disappearing all of the utilities below have download links from Stars!wiki itself, if you are the author of any of these files and would like a file to not be available from Stars!wiki, please contact Gible to have it removed. Where possible, links to files' homepages or original web locations are included. - feel free to add any we missed. Icon smile.gif

You can also help by writing the individual articles for the utilities that require installation or usage instructions, or just coz they deserve it. Icon smile.gif

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Patches and versions
Related Websites
Technical Information

To reduce bandwidth for slower connections, the utilities have been sorted into sections. You can also view the complete list.


The complete list of utilities on one page.

Utilities/Game setup

Relating to customising game setups. Includes Stars Editor.


Reference material. Does not include software.


Programs for performing various calculations.

Utilities/In-game information processing and sharing

Programs for processing .f/.p/.map files and organising/sharing game data.

Utilities/m and x file management

Programs to assist in the logistics of .m/.x turn files.

Utilities/Online Utilities

Websites which provide online utilities.

Not a list of websites with utility downloads


Stars automated micromanagement

Stars automated micromanagement is an AutoHotKey program that simluates keystrokes mouse clicks to automate setting production queues.

Stars Player Colours Changer

download StarsPlayerColoursChanger.exe 35.5kb

"Player Colours editor that edits the English (or what Americans call English anyway) version of stars 2.6jrc4 that is 3,344,384 bytes long." Purely cosmetic.

Colour Map which shows a set of colours on the Space, Scanner & Pen Scanner Coloured backgrounds, the default set creates the page using value of 0,64,128,192 & 255 for each of the components which produces 125 colour combinations but it can also be set to use a different list in the parameters such as link which create 216 based on 0,51,102,153,204 & 255 (00,33,66,99,CC,FF) For helping to find suitable colour values to use.