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Its not our fault. We'll help if we feel like it and can, otherwise fix it yourself...this is a wiki after all.


  • Stars!wiki contains much content that is simply ripped wholesale from various Stars! websites, and indeed in some cases, simply compressed and made available. We have no remorse for this whatsoever and do it solely because so many Stars! websites disappear off the internet without anyone noticing until it is too late. We do respect that information from other sites belongs to them and 1) encourage Stars!wiki editors to give credit where due and 2) encourage authors of Stars! websites to contact us to either affirm our use of or request removal of offending material.

List of Usage Permissions
This is a record of works for which Stars!Wiki has obtained explicit permission to make use of.

We very much thank these people for their efforts and for their permission to include their works at Stars!Wiki. Icon thumbsup.gifIcon thumbsup.gif

If we have used any of your work, feel free to add youself to this list Icon smile.gif

These banners created from the Stars!wiki logo and the Stars! Supernova Genesis banner from their webkit. Feel free to make use of them or the main logo to link to Stars!wiki:



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