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What: Official Stars! Strategy Guide, written by members of the Stars! player community, and published by the authors of Stars!

Cost: Free to everyone for the downloading.

Format: Both PDF and HTML. The Guide is offered in electronic form only and has been partially translated into Русский(Russian).

Where: The Guide is available on many player sites. On Related Websites they are marked with <tooltip text="SSG">Includes Official Stars! Strategy Guide</tooltip>.

The (Original) Guide can be viewed online at Starswiki or in Russian

When: The Guide was release on 4/7/99 (US Date?)

The strategy guide shown here (woven into the wiki) includes updates not in the original guide.



1 Whole Game Strategy

2 Race Design Basics

3 Creating a Monster Race

Interlude: The Stars! UI

4 Exploration and Expansion

5 Ship Design Basics

6 Resource Management

7 Basic Diplomacy

8 Some Basics of Battle

9 Intelligence

10 Border Management

11 Reducing Micro-Management

12 Operational Stars! by Example


A Super Stealth

B Interstellar Traveller

C War Monger

D Space Demolition

E English-to-German Translations


(Non-)Official Strategy Guide

for versions 2.6, 2.7

Official Strategy Guide

written by

the Stars! Player Community

edited by

Barry Kearns, Wesley Clifford, Rick Steeves,

Jason Cawley, and Mike Carstensen

(c) 1998 - 1999, Mare Crisium, LLC

Individual chapters copyright to the authors

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