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Original release date: 4/7/99

What's this all about, then?

(The original) guide was authored by the members of the Stars! players community, specifically, long time players who've published and advised prolifically over the years and wanted to share their experiences and strategies with other players. The material in the original guide was also read and approved for accuracy by the authors of Stars!.

Stars! Version

(The original) was based on the feature set and behavior of Stars! 2.6i/2.7i. This guide is based on the feature set and behavior of Stars! 2.6jRC4/2.7jRC3. Some material may not apply to earlier versions of Stars!.


The stuff from which (the original) guide was made remains the copyright of the individual authors. They may distribute their own work in any way they see fit. Because several chapters are the product of more than one author, and because much of the work was edited to fit within the outline prescribed by the guide's editorial staff, we do not list author names. However, you all know who you are, and should be proud of your work. We certainly are.

The guide as a whole is (still) copyright to Mare Crisium, LLC. It may not be distributed without explicit permission of Mare Crisium, LLC.


Any person may give a copy of (the original) guide, in its original form, to any other person. Because (the original) guide is in HTML format, and thus is easily edited, you may also edit (the original) guide for your own personal use.

You may post an unaltered copy of (the original) guide to any Internet site, newsgroup, or BBS.

You may not legally distribute an altered version of (the original) guide to any Internet site, newsgroup, or BBS, in any country. (Woops). Nor may you legally distribute printed versions to the public without the explicit permission of Mare Crisium, LLC.

Providing Feedback

Since (the original) guide is written by Stars! players, we'd like you to keep discussion of its contents within the player community. This means the Stars! newsgroup,!, where all the guide's authors hang out on a semi-regular basis, or on your website or BBS, or within your personal circles of Stars! players. (Please don't ask us for a list of authors--we honestly don't know who all these people are.)

By no means does (the original) guide encompass all possible, legitimate player strategies. We strongly encourage you to write articles discussing points made by (the original) guide, or presenting your own strategies. You should also feel free to create your own strategy guide and distribute it as you see fit.

Bug Reports

Please feel free to fix any bugs your find in this guide, or report the bugs at Home World Forum.

Bug Reports (in the original guide)

Please (do not) send (them) any "bugs" you find in (the original) guide. What do (they) consider bugs?

  • Links or other HMTL attributes that do not behave as expected or designed
  • Descriptions that do not match Stars! behavior for the latest version
  • Typos
  • Grammar so incomprehensible that it avoids description and increases confusion.

Please (don't) submit all bug reports to Tell us which browser you're using and describe the problem as completely as possible.

(They) support (the original) guide with the following qualifications:

(They)'ve tested (the original) guide only with Netscape 3 and 4, and Internet Explorer 3 and 4. If you have an older browser or a different browser and (the original) guide acts up, you'll have to fix the problem on your own. However, (they) didn't do anything tricky with the HTML, and expect that (the original) guide will look and behave just fine on almost any browser.

(They) won't support any altered versions of (the original) guide, for any reason. It's far to easy to completely muck up HTML with a single keystroke.

(They) will either verify and fix the bug or, if the bug doesn't exist in (their) version, (they) will tell you where you can download an unaltered copy. (here!)