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Below the list of Random Events:

  • MT visit
  • comet strike : A large comet has crashed into (xxx) bringing a wide variety of new minerals and drastically altering the planet's environment.
    Planets can get hit by a comet. Those come unannounced and kill pop on the surface. Defenses or a mass drivers are not taken into account. A comet randomly leaves an amount of minerals on the surface and randomly increases mineral concentrations. The amount of pop killed increases with the size of the comet. There are 3 sizes: small (leaves one minerals, increases one concentrations), large (leaves two mineral, increases two concentration) and huge (leaves all three minerals, increases all concentrations).
  • planetary change : Fundamental changes in the environment of (yyy) have permanently altered the planet's Temperature. This change has canceled all planetary production.
    Sudden changes in the hab settings of a planet, independent of the habs of the inhabiting race
  • suddenly discovered mineral storages : your people discover a hidden supply in one type of mineral, with as result that the concentration is increased
  • colonization bonus : when you colonize a planet you have a chance to discover artifacts. Those artifacts contribute a small amount of resources (100-200?) to one of the tech fields. You do however need to bring a minimun (1000?) of pop and the planet cannot be colonized before. Colonizing more planets in one year increases the chance to discover artifacts. (true?)
  • Wormholes : Wormhole_Navigation

note: checking No Random Events (NRE) when creating a game will turn all these off

(add examples of the ingame messages)