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Wormholes are spacial anomalies that appear and disappear at whim. There are several types, some more stable than others. Wormholes offer you free travel across huge distances of space and have no mass limitations.

Wormholes appear only in deep space, being somewhat repelled by the gravity wells caused by a planet.

Wormhole stability ranges from Rock Solid to Very Unstable. Rock Solid wormholes can stay in one general area for 30 years or more. Very Unstable wormholes tend to move to a different area within about five years.

Stages of a wormhole's life cycle:

Rock Solid


Mostly Stable


Slightly Volatile


Extremely Volatile

Each end of the wormhole moves independently. Due to their complex nature, wormholes "jiggle" a bit every year. Their exact location is always shifting.

⇒ To navigate a wormhole, select it as a waypoint. Your fleet will enter the wormhole as soon as it reaches the opening, and appear at the other end in the same year.

⇒ Clicking on a wormhole in the Scanner displays its destination (if known) and stability range in the Selection Summary pane.

Detecting Wormholes Similar to a cloaked fleet, a wormhole is hard to see. To normal scanners, a wormhole will be less visible by 75%. Once you discover a wormhole it will no longer be cloaked to you.