Commanding a Fleet

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Selecting a Fleet to Command

Obtaining a Fleet Summary

The Rest of the Screen

Managing Fleets

The Command pane is the command interface for each of your fleets and planets. When you select a fleet to command, tiles for assigning fleet-specific orders fill the pane.

To learn more about a tile, click on the picture.

#Fleet tile#Location tile#Fleet Waypoints tile#Waypoint Task tile#Fuel and Cargo tile#Fleet Composition tile#Other Fleets Here tileFleet pane.png

Fleet tile

Fleet tile.png

This tile shows the fleet currently under your command. A fleet may contain several types of ships. The picture displays the most significant type of ship in the fleet. A small plus (+) sign represents each additional ship type (up to four). Click on Prev and Next to scroll through your fleets in the order listed in the Fleet Summary Report. Click on Rename to rename the fleet.

Location tile

Location tile.png
Deep space tile.png

This tile displays the location of the fleet under command.

Selecting Goto switches to commanding the planet you're orbiting. You can't do this if you don't own the planet.

Click Xfer to transfer cargo between the fleet and planet.

For fleets in deep space, cargo transfer is replaced by cargo jettison. Click on Jettison to dump some or all of your cargo.

Fleet Waypoints tile

Fleet waypoints tile WP0.png

The Fleet Waypoints tile lists all the waypoints assigned the fleet under command. The first waypoint listed is the current location. If the fleet are in transit between waypoints, the location is given as coordinates in deep space. Right-click on the blue diamond to display a list of items at the same location as the selected waypoint. Select an alternate item to change the exact waypoint target.

Fleet waypoints tile WP1.png

Warp Factor: By default, Stars! chooses the ideal speed for reaching the next waypoint with the fuel available. To manually set the speed select the waypoint from the list, then left-click and drag in the Warp gauge. To use a stargate, drag the bar all the way to the right. If you're not at a stargate, the travel time will display Never. Fuel Usage: This tells you exactly how much fuel the fleet will use to reach the waypoint at its current speed. The number turns red if you can't reach the waypoint given the current speed and fuel supply. Repeat Orders: Repeats the total set of orders you assigned using the Waypoints Task tile. Assigning repeat orders works best when the first waypoint in the list is repeated as the last.

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How to Assign Waypoints

Waypoint Task tile

Waypoint task tile.png

This tile shows the task the fleet must perform at that waypoint selected in the Fleet Waypoints tile. Click on the dropdown to assign a task.

For all waypoint tasks except Patrol

If the fleet comes under attack it will defend itself using the Default battle plan.

Waypoint task tile open.png
Learn about these waypoint tasks
Remote Mining
Merge with Fleet
Scrap Fleet
Lay Mine Field
Transfer Fleet

Fuel and Cargo tile

Fuel and cargo tile.png

Fuel -- The Fuel gauge shows the current and maximum fuel level of the fleet under command.

Cargo -- The Cargo gauge shows the amounts of cargo loaded and the total capacity of the fleet.

Left-click in the cargo gauge to transfer or jettison cargo, or pick up available salvage.

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Transferring Fuel and Cargo to other Fleets

Fleet Composition tile

Fleet composition tile.png
Help cursor.png Left-click on a ship name to
see design details and specs.

This upper half of the tile shows the name and number of each type of ship in the selected fleet. Damage levels are shown by the extent of a red bar over the name. Left-click on the name to see design details and the exact extent of the damage.

To change the battle plan for the fleet under command, choose a new plan from the dropdown list. To view, create or edit a battle plan, select Battle Plans… from the dropdown list.

Click on Split All to break up the fleet into separate fleets of a single ship type.

Click on Split to divide the fleet in two.

Click Merge to merge the fleet with other fleets in the same location.

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How to Manage Battles

Other Fleets Here tile

Other fleets here tile.png
Small screen layout: click on the Cargo
button to display fuel and cargo amounts.

This tile lists all other fleets, mass packets or other objects in the same location as the fleet under command.

Click and drag in the fuel gauge to transfer fuel between the fleet under command and the fleet specified in the tile.

To bring another fleet here under command, choose one from the dropdown list, then click Goto.

Click on Merge to transfer ships between the fleet under command and the fleet shown in the tile.

Click on Cargo to transfer cargo between the fleet under command and the fleet or object specified in the tile.