How to Assign Waypoints and Tasks

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Adding Fleet Waypoints and Tasks

To add a fleet waypoints and a task to accomplish at that waypoint:

  1. Select the fleet into the Command pane. Just double-click on its location in the Scanner, or right-click on it and choose the fleet from the popup list.
    You can follow a fleet currently at your location by right-clicking on the diamond in the Fleet Waypoints tile and selecting that fleet from the list. This fleet appears as the waypoint.
  2. SHIFT-click on the destination waypoint. This can be any planet, fleet or other object or point in space. A green line appears between your current location and the new waypoint.
    Adding Fleet Waypoints and Tasks.png
  3. Assign an appropriate task from the Waypoint Task tile. If there's no work to be done at that waypoint, choose No Task Here from the dropdown list.
    You can also right-click on the blue diamond in the Waypoint Task tile and choose an pre-defined Zip Order, or create your own custom Zip Order.
  4. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add more waypoints.
  5. If the fleet is to repeat the entire series of tasks until it is interrupted, and if the final waypoint is the same as the starting waypoint, check Repeat Orders in the Waypoint Task tile.

Notes and Tips

Distance and the Scanner "Grid"
When you set a waypoint, notice that the Scanner snaps to a "grid". The grid snap is one light year, and can't be redefined. Vertical or horizontal distance is measured in whole years. Diagonal distance between coordinates is a decimal amount slightly larger than one light year.
Selecting One Object from Many at the Same Location
If there are multiple objects at the location, click on the blue diamond in the Fleet Waypoints tile and select the object you wish to make the waypoint.
White Fleet Paths
The fleet path appears in white if two or more legs of the route are identical; for example, if you set a return path along the same route.
Don't Choose the Same Waypoint Twice in a Row
You can't add two consecutive waypoints at the same location.

Moving Fleet Waypoints

If you want to move a waypoint from one place to another, move the cursor over the point you want to move, and the cursor will change to a hand. Click the mouse and the hand will close. Drag the mouse to the new destination. Notice that the destination snaps to objects. If you really want to set a waypoint really close to an object but not at the object, hold down on the SHIFT key while dragging in order to disable the snap-to-object behavior.

Deleting Fleet Waypoints

There are two ways to remove a waypoint:

⇒ Click on the waypoint you want to remove, then press either the Backspace or Delete key.

⇒ Click on the waypoint, then drag it to the next or previous waypoint and release.