Things to Remember about Battle Speed by Iztok - July 2011

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Void wrote on Sun, 03 July 2011 19:53
For those of us not quite there yet, is there a document that spells out which BS you'll need to
catch an enemy based on its BS and your range of weapons? Or is this best left to an exercise for
the reader...

More the later. Quite often I count on my fingers, one hand for attacker and the other one for defender.

Engine combat speed you have marked with blue number if you press F2 and look at engines, but it has quite a formula behind. In short:

  • QJ-5 gives max combat speed 0.75,
  • FM, Settler's Delight, LH-6 and RHRS-6 (prop-9 scoop) give max combat speed 1.0,
  • DLL-7 and prop-8 scoop give max combat speed 1.25,
  • AD-8 and and prop-9 scoop give max combat speed 1.5,
  • TGD (prop-9) and prop-12 scoop give max combat speed 1.75, and
  • IS-10, TS-10 and prop-16 and prop-20 scoop give max combat speed 2.0.
  • Each maneuvering jet gives +0.25 speed, and each overthruster gives +0.50.
  • Combat speed is maxed at 2.50. Min combat speed is 0.50.
  • ship weight (cargo included) decreases combat speed, but the treshold is 70kT * number_of_engines. E.g. a ship with single FM will move 1 square each combat round (speed 1.0) if it weights less than 70kT. A CC with two FMs needs to be less than 140kT to move 1 each round. A BB with 4 FMs needs to weight less than 280kT. If a weight of a single-FM ship is 70kT or more but below 140kT, it will move with speed 0.75. If it weights 140kT or more it will move with combat speed of 0.50.

Some "important" combat speeds:

  • 2.50 to disengage in 3rd round, so the opponent needs missiles in a 1+ speed ship, or R-3 weapons on an interceptor with 2.25 speed to catch you,
  • 1.75 to hit the orbital with R3 weapons in 2nd combat round or last row in 3rd,
  • 1.50 to hit the last row with R3 weapons in 3rd combat round. Having a mainline beamer slower than this means asking for trouble.
  • 1 or less speed for chaff. Having more means chaff could come in range of R2 (gattling) weapons in the first combat round and die before opponent's missile ships would fire.

- More about movement you can find out in Stars! help - Guts - Guts of combat.

Just a tiny bit: for a ship to disengage, it needs to do 7 "regular" moves on battle board, then with 8th it disengages. An interceptor needs to move across the battle board to reach the last row where the target (likely) is and fire at it. With both combat speeds of 1 the interceptor needs 7 moves to reach 8th column (it started at 1st column) and with range-1 weapon has 1 shot at the disegaging target at the 9th column. That's the theory.

But combat moves are't always "smart", and very often the interceptor will not go straigt for the target. So you need either a faster interceptor or a longer ranged weapon. Here comes the ship design I'll not discus.

In short, indeed.

BR, Iztok

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