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Ship move speed and the movement for the 1st 4 rounds. After that, the cycle repeats (i.e Round 5 will be equal to round 1's stated move speed).

3/4 is 1110

1 is 1111

1 1/4 is 2111

1 1/2 is 2121

1 3/4 is 2221

2 is 2222

2 1/4 is 3222

2 1/2 is 3232

Each token has a speed rating, and will be able to move between 0 and 3 squares in a single turn. If a token has a fractional speed rating then they will get a bonus square of movement every set number of turns. a 1/4 bonus means an extra square of movement on the first round and then on every fourth round after that starting with the fifth. A 1/2 speed bonus gets a bonus square of movement every other turn starting with the first, and a 3/4 speed bonus gets a bonus square of movement for the first three rounds of every 4 round cycle. The order of movement is this, each token with 3 movement squares moves a single square, then each token with 2+ movement moves a single square (if it had speed 3 then it would move for its second square) and then all ships with at least one square of movement move again. At each stage the ships with the most weight will move first though there is less than a 15% difference in weight then there is a chance that the lighter ship will go first. The smaller the weight % difference the greater the chance of the lighter ship going first.

Further explaining battle move speed taking 1.25 and 2.25 (2,1,2,1 and 3,2,2,2 respectively), the 2.25 move ship will move 1 square. The game will then calculate the lighter ship (after assigning the 15% random weightage) which will move first followed by the heavier ship moving 1 square (this is in round 1) followed by another move by both the ships. This is the end of round 1. Round 2 begins with the 2.25 ship moving first and then followed by the weight factored move for the final move of round 2. Round 3 has both ships moving 2 squares each, depending on the weight factoring. Round 4 is a repeat of round 2.

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