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Sometimes, the manual or help file is wrong. For example, a CA cannot transfer orbital adjuster technology to a non-CA ally by scrapping them at his starbase, despite what the manual states on page 19-3.

Sometimes these problems are due to errors, and sometimes due to changes in the game since the documentation was issued (last help file was for version 2.6/7i).

To minimize this problem,


This errata applies to the last (2.6/7i) help file/manual.

This errata is a work in progress. Please contribute and make sure the Stars! Player's Guide does not contain the same errors.

  • The Formula for (battle) Movement (Helpfile →Guts →Combat →Movement, Initiative and Firing...)[1]
    Movement = (Ideal_Speed_of_Engine - 4) / 4
    - weight / 70 / 4 / Number_of_Engines
    + ¼ x Number_of_Maneuvering_Jets
    + ½ x Num_Overthrusters