How to Catch the MT by J. Olsen - 1996-10-14 v2.6/7

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  • Subject: Catching the the Trader
  • From: {email removed by editor} (J Olsen)
  • Date: 14 Oct 1996 08:20:12 GMT

Catching the Trader is a problem discussed multiple times.

Esp. how to 'hit' the same spot in the universe - so that the minerals can be delivered (5000 kt min. result of giving more - if the offer is Tech Levels still debatable [have not tried]).

But here is an easy - as far as I know not published - way of hitting the Trader (remember that hitting him does not mean that he will accept the meeting).

  1. You have your fleet assembled - including support such as Fuel Xprts and Defense screen (running out of fuel or having the 'TradeFleet' converted to salvage by the opponents is 'not cool' so a couple of friendly Destroyers, Frigates, Oilers or whatever your choice are comes in handy).
  2. Now:
    1. Set a way point (a) from your tradefleet to the Trader.
    2. Click the trader and display his course and way point for the next five years.
    3. Click the way point on that line where you would like to start the last leg for the meeting (b).
    4. Delete (a).
    5. Set a new way point (c) for the Trader from (b).
    6. Do not be too late at (b) - he might increase speed before the meeting so that you miss him.

You are now on track and the rest is a problem of logistics (you must do the last leg (b) ---> (c) as fast as you can (Warp 9 or 10 - if your drives can manage) and need fuel for that. If the Trader moves faster than you, you might not get a hit. However all is not lost - if he peddles a device - you might get it from an opponent after a battle ('The plans for a unique device was found among the remains ... after a battle at ...!).

Finally - I have never been able to trade if there is a battle going on at the way point of the meeting. You should avoid way points in enemy mine fields! You either die or cannot get the Warp needed!!

Have fun!

J. Olsen

Odense University * E-mail: {email removed by editor}