Enigma Pulsar

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Enigma Pulsar.PNG
  • Type: Engine
  • Tech: Ener 7, Prop 13, Cons 5, Elec 9?
  • Cost without miniaturization: I12 B15 G11 R40
  • Cost at max. tech: I6 B7 G5 R19
  • Mass: 20
  • Abilities: Cloak=10%, +1/4 Movement

Comments: This engine is great! Only the Trans-Star is better, and even then only arguably: The Trans-Star is cheap and uses half fuel, but it lacks the goodies of the Enigma, and who wants to research Prop 23 early, especially with NRSE? Anyway, the Enigma is like the IS-10, and only requires a little more tech. However it travels at warp 5 free, is cheaper to build, lighter, has a small cloak, and most importantly a built in maneuvering yet. This is great for those heavy BB's where you get four free jets, great to ensure all your Cruisers move 2. 5, and is the engine to use for everything, at least with NRSE.