Xtreme Borders

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Sample Screenshot showing Biggest is Best, Territory Edges and Stargate Network

Xtreme Borders is a mapper program which allows players to combine and analyse data extracted from the game, including the visualization of each players influence over a territory, mapping of stargate networks and the display of allies scanner data, while providing a convenient place for keeping notes on the other races in the game.

"Offering lots of useful mapping tools which are not available in the Stars! game environment. Works best using NewReports, 800 x 600 screen minimum and as many colours as possible. Features:

  • Biggest is Best view. Shows how much influence you have over local space.
  • Territory Edges. Just shows the edge of each races territory - based on Biggest is Best
  • Find planets that you can colonise from Allies data without having to scan the worlds.
  • Shows which planets will offer you the fastest growth and minerals. Ideal for working out which worlds to claim first
  • Stargate Network - Your stargates can be plotted to show safe distances and safe direction.
  • Hab Ranges, PRT, LRTs and Notes can be stored for each race encountered

All views can be saved to BMP files"